The APEX XQ38 is a low cost thermal scope featuring a 2.2X optical magnification and 4X digital zoom. The APEX XQ38 features, an excellent OLED display, multiple reticle patterns, one shot zero and wireless remote switch. The APEX line of thermal scopes are the most affordable in their class and feature a 384x288 thermal resolution for increased usable range. A few features that stand out among the other thermal imaging scopes in the APEX XQ38's price range are the incremental zoom, display-off feature, and external power capabilities. The APEX is also much lighter than most aluminum bodied thermal scopes because it is designed out of a rugged polymer housing with an aluminum sled to mount the scope to a picatinny rail. The APEX is compatible with Pulsar's line of rechargeable batteries including the EPS3i and EPS5 battery pack. This is an important feature for most night hunters because changing batteries mid-hunt can be a pain. The Display Off feature allows the user to temporarily turn the display to a solid black pattern which reduces light splash from the eye-piece and also increases battery life. The incremental zoom is controlled by the dial on the right side of the APEX and allows the digital zoom to be adjusted in increments less than 1X. This is helpful when you need a zoom level other than 1X, 2X, or 4X and is a feature that most other thermal weapon sights do not offer. The XQ38 is capable of a well placed 200 yard shot depending on environmental conditions.

Pulsar Apex XQ38 2.2-8.8X Thermal Weapon Sight


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