The specs for this unit depend on which tubes you select. If you'd like to know baseline specs, OR want to handpick your tubes out, fill out a contact forum or give us a call. 


This unit comes with 5 year warranty, and comes with datasheets. Tube selection doesn't matter for the warranty.


*There could be lead times when purchasing this unit. Lead times can be 2-4 weeks long, please contact us to get exact lead times.*

AB Night Vision | MOD-3 BRAVO

  • The MOD-3 is a revolutionary new night vision system. Until now you could either have a binocular, or monocular. Using a bridge adapter to utilize two monoculars as a binocular has been done for years, but it has significant drawbacks. The weight of such a unit is over 1.7LBS, and they typically cannot be collimated. Many people enjoy using two monoculars when hunting. One on a neck lanyard for spotting, and one on their rifle. Yet most wish to avoid the cost of purchasing a binocular and two monoculars.


    The MOD-3 overcomes these problems by utilizing Optical Pods that are waterproof, Nitrogen purged units that can be installed into either a monocular or binocular. Power is conducted to the intensifier tube and indicator LEDs by means of spring loaded, gold plated contacts. Even the springs are gold plated to prevent corrosion.


    The Optical Pods can be assembled in the MOD-3 Binocular Bridge to form a full function binocular. A latching mechanism firmly holds the Optical Pods in place and is easily manipulated with one finger. Installing or removing the Optical Pods is accomplished in just a couple seconds.

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