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L-3 is a leading supplier of electro-optical technologies.L-3's unfilmed, auto-gated and aviator-grade Gen III and Next-Gen night vision tubes are used in weapon sights and goggle systems by governments, military warfighters, police units and others that demand the most advanced and reliable image intensified systems available. 
L-3 image unfilmed intensifier tubes are available in standard green phosphor and improved white phosphor technology for greater target detection and recognition. Low light and nighttime maneuvers appear more natural in black and white with added contrast detail in shapes and shadows providing the operator more visual information for assessment to complete their mission accurately effectively.

Maximum of 4 spots allowed per tube    
Spot Size (Inches)Zone 3Zone 1Zone 2Zone 3
>0.009 to 0.0120000
>0.006 to 0.0091011
>0.003 to 0.0062022
Bright Spots0000
Maximum of 4 spots allowed per tube 

L-3 Filmless MX-11769 White Phosphor 20UM Image Tube

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